Fwu Chang Trading, located at No 87 Jalan Hang Kasturi in the centre of Malacca Town, is an established firm engaging in sculpturing line including tablets production. Founded in 1939, it has been existing for more than half a century in which the business has been handed down from generation to generation. Today’s Fwu Chang has experienced the succession of three generations, a process that gathers the wisdom and experience of the people of three generations. Based on ancestor-handed-down skills, today’s Fwu Chang stands upon its predecessors’ shoulders and enjoys the niche, vantages and blessings of stable and clear prospect on top of the pride for enjoying long enduring history.

Fwu Chang, established in the years of Japanese’s Occupation, centred its business on producing traditional tablets with gold lettering on japan background as well as carving wooden and stone signets and stamps in the early days.

Most people perceive this profession as of bleak future and is in the effete state. In spite of this prevalent pessimistic mood, Fwu Chang is still able to stand fast and ambitiously eye for greater excellence. It is another way of saying that Fwu Chang Trading itself is a reliable and trustworthy “gold lettering signboard” (reputable firm).


Ample experience, keen sight, nimble hands as well as persevering quality are preconditions for anyone involves in this line. Their excellent workmanship, plus imported gold foils of 99.877 pureness that are fixed to the sculptured lettering and patterns via the most time-consuming and strenuous traditional handmade process, the final result is a piece of ever-new, ever-lasting and lustrous sculptured handicraft. Not just a normal carving but an ultimate of art products of memorable, collectible and decorative value suiting the tastes of all walks of life.

Taking into account the possibility of people collecting the products, Fwu Chang perfectly understands that any kind of woods that is of less than superb quality will not do. There lie the reasons why the carvings are made of superb quality woods with noticeable grains such as Cengal. Elegance and 30 years of life span are something you can expect from the products.