Framing certificates is an idea commonly crosses most people’s minds. In fact, there is better choice available -- sculptured replica wholly carved by hands in imitation of antique. Rarity and rust-free are among the traits that speak volumes for its greatness over other kinds of products. Wooden replica affixed with gold foil is noble and eye-catching and yet the price is reasonable. Fwu Chang aims at institutes of higher learning in the wake of the introduction of this new product, expecting that this idea will be well received. 

Fwu Chang has produced small-sized wooden tablets based on the very same idea. At present, small-sized tablets in the market are mainly made of galvanised plaque, pewter and fibre. With the introduction of this product now, it means the range of choice for consumers has been further widened. Small-sized tablet that is more economic will also appeal well to those with limited budget. This is the main reason Fwu Chang introduces this new product.